Monday, February 27, 2017

Crochet Belle Apron -- Beauty & the Beast...

Well, with one of my favorite movies coming out in a few weeks, I couldn't resist in designing a "Belle" Apron for my granddaughter.  I will post some pics of Arielle donning the apron later this week when she's at the house.

This apron is sized for 2T-4T but easily adjustable.  Check out the pics below.  And, I will be making a Prince Adam, aka "Beast" Apron as well.


  1. Love this! Would love to make this for my five year old. Wol lyou be posting the pattern?

    1. I have this, along with the pattern for Beast in another post listing. But, this is one of the only pattern sets that directs you to Etsy. It's $5.00 and you get the patterns for Belle and Beast. The Beast is really cute.