Friday, March 17, 2017

St Paddy's Day...celebration

I took my cousin/sister, Shirley (she's more like my sister and best friend than cousin) out for lunch today.  We both wore our new LularoebyBrookeEdwards outfits and we looked pretty good.  And, the Italian food was amazing. So, so yummy...

Downside, I had 3 of my grand babies tagging along -- Jacob, Gabriel and Arielle.  Luke was with his daddy at the doc's office for his next round of baby shots...poor fella.

So, poor Luke missed out on the ice cream trip:

However, once all four were together, I noticed my grandsons, Jacob, Gabriel and Luke, were happy donning their St. Paddy's Day I snapped a few pics of them.

I'm the proudest grandma.  I have the cutest, funniest and most lovable grand babies....

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