Friday, May 10, 2024

Recycling with Yarn…

Recycling with Yarn…

Here are a few recycling projects I’m currently working on. Simple. Fun.  Easy.  Plus, a wonderful scrap buster.

Paper clip hearts - super cute!!!!

Soda can tabs into buttons!!!!

Plastic bottle rings to make granny squares….

And, metal buckle to make a pacifier clip for a baby gift…

For all of these projects, I used a 2.0 mm hook.  For yarn, I used cotton and acrylic (lightweight and worsted weight).

Rilla Edwards

Sunday, May 5, 2024

I’m Still Here…

Happy Sunday, Everyone.

For the past year, I’ve been a little slow updating my blog with new patterns in crochet and diy crafts.  I’m still busy designing but not as fast as I had been in the past.  

I’ve had a lot going on with my health - surgery, tests and procedures.  I’m still waiting to undergo, yet another biopsy and two more repeat tests before I finally get a confirmation of my diagnosis.  It’s truly been a rough year.

Hopefully, soon, in the coming months, I will be flooding my blog with all the new pattern designs.

Warmest wishes,


Saturday, April 6, 2024

Mason Jar Flower Vase

I love being able to up cycle or recycle or whatever you want to call it, especially Mason jars. 

For this project, I used two napkins from McDonald’s and mod podge to the jar. I then used Apple Barrel acrylic paint in Nutmeg Brown and painted over the napkins. 

Once it was dried, I placed styrofoam inside the jar with purple Easter moss. I used purple ribbon and a “cherish” decor items from the Dollar Tree. 

I added two bouquets of African violets (freebie from Temu). I think it turned out gorgeous. 


Monday, January 22, 2024

Quilt Top…

 Baby Blanket

Quilting is such a fun hobby to learn. I started quilting about 20+ years ago. I let it lay by the wayside for years while I stayed busy in crocheting and crafting. 

But, since I’ve found Temu and noticed they sale pre-cut squares, it has made me want to quilt again. They offer a wide variety of different square sizes. I absolutely love the 10” square size. 

On this patchwork quilt, I’m rotating the rows between pink and blue. 

How cute is this?

Happy Quilting!!!! 

Repurpose Tissue Box

Repurpose Tissue Box

I decided to repurpose this tissue box into a storage container.

First, I used popsicle sticks glued completely around all 4 sides to add sturdiness. I painted it several colors before setting on the final color(s).  

Second, I used 2 pieces of jute rope braided and made handles for each side. Repeat for second side. 

Third, I added a cute “saying” with a glue backing to the center of one side. I then took 5 pieces of pink ribbon, zip tied the center, glued a button on top and then glued the whole piece over the saying. 

Last, I glued beaded rope beads around the bottom and top just to add a little bling to my project.

Everything for this project came from the Dollar Tree.

Happy Craftng…

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Baby Quilt Blanket

Baby Quilt Blanket 

I’m working on this beautiful blend of orange and yellow cotton fabric for a quilt top for an upcoming fall baby.  The colors are so pretty together. 

Each block is 10” x 10”.  

Happy quilting!!!

Friday, October 20, 2023


Hey All,

Have you tired the Temu App yet. It seems like my most viral text I get these days.  I have to admit, I love going on the app. 

It has anything and everything.  Lower prices, wonderful products and fast shipping. 

Check out Temu today. Here’s a link to it:

Have fun,