Sunday, July 2, 2017

Basic Ponytail Earwarmer/Headband

Happy Sunday!!!  I'm really eager to share my newest design with you all and hope you will enjoy making it.  From the base pattern, you can make so many designs, including seasonal, your favorite animal, animated characters or in any color you want.

I wanted to have an Earwarmer/Headband that also allowed for my ponytail.  And, so, this is what I designed.  

Basic Ponytail Earwarmer/Headband Pattern

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Size:  This will fit an average woman's head.  If you need to make it for a tween/teen, then reduce your number of repetitive rows (for adult it goes from 6-44; so, reduce here)

--5.0mm hook
--Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in Barley; approx 60-70 yds
--ponytail holder
--stitch marker
--tapestry needle for weaving

Gauge:  12 HDC stitches x 8 rows = 4"

Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch(es)
SC: single crochet
HDC: half double crochet
HDC2tog: half double crochet 2 stitches together 
FO: fasten off 

1.  Sl st join yarn to ponytail holder and ch1.  24 SC around ponytail holder.  Sl st to first st and ch1.
2-3.  1 HDC in each st around.  Sl st to join and ch1.  (24)
4.   1 HDC in the first 8 st.  Ch1 and turn.  (8) 

Stitch Marker Placement:
Before continuing, you will want to place 2 stitch markers on the opposite side of the ponytail holder.  So, from row 3, count over the first 8 st, and then the next 4 st and into stitch 13 place a stitch marker.  Count over 7 stitches and place the 2nd stitch marker into stitch 20.

Here's a short video link showing how to start this project, where to place stitch markers and why

5.  2 HDC into the first st, 1 HDC into the next 6 st and 2 HDC in the last st.  Ch1 and turn.  (10)
6.  2 HDC into the first st; 1 HDC into the next 8 st and 2 HDC into the last st.  Ch1 and turn.  (12)
7-44.  1 HDC in each st.  Ch1 and turn.  (12)
45.  HDC2tog; 1 HDC in the next 8 st; HDC2tog.  Ch1 and turn.  (10)
46.  HDC2tog; 1 HDC in the next 6 st; HDC2tog.  Ch1 and turn.  (8)
47.  1 HDC in each st.  (8)

Now, FO; leaving a long tail to attach to Row 3 of the opposite side of the ponytail holder; whipstitch 8 stitches of Row 47 to the 8 stitches (from stitch marker to stitch marker -- see pic below; stitch makers on the left side) of Round 3.

And, that's it!!!  The possibilities are endless in making a multiple variety of different Ponytail Earwarmer/Headbands...

Happy Crocheting...

--don't claim pattern as your own
--don't use my pics as your own
--don't share my pattern to any social media sites but provide a link to my blog
--make and sale your work is fine with me


  1. Murielle EnglishJuly 4, 2017 at 9:16 AM

    This is adorable...thank you so much for posting the pattern...i look forward to trying it :)

  2. Cute! Love the creativeness - who would have thought? Thank you.

  3. Perfect for those who don't like to cover their whole head! I'll be making some as Christmas gifts for nieces! Thanks so much!

  4. Excellent! My daughter is a runner. During the winter she wants to keep warm but a watch cap is too uncomfortable with her long hair. This will be perfect! Thank you!

    1. Ah, that is awesome. I hope she enjoys wearing it.

  5. Love this idea if you do a video of it
    Please let me know. Thanks

    1. I have been wanting to do a video. I will certainly let you know when I complete it.