Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Crochet Baby Hat & Sandals - NB-3mths...baby girl set!!!

Crocheted this matching set of a hat and pair of sandals for a baby shower gift for a little girl. The size is newborn - 3 months.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crochet Spring/Easter Wreath

February 14, 2017...

Spring/Easter, Three Crosses Wreath Pattern:

--5.5, 4.5 and a 4.0 mm hook
--#4 worsted weight yarn (I used the cute little Lion Brand DIYarn that Wal-Mart currently has for $0.50/65 yard skeins - I used the colors:  1 pink, 1 turquoise, 2 light purple, gray, 2 dark purple, and 1 aqua for the wreath cover and the letters; I used Red Heart Super Saver in white, green and light brown); note:  I'm not sure if the light brown was taupe, beige or tan.  It was just some light colored brown I had in my stash
--15.8" styrofoam wreath 
--craft glue, skewers 
--2 black seed beads for the angel's eyes
--1 ornamental bead for the angel to hold (optional)
--small piece of yellow pipe cleaner for the angel halo
--tapestry needle for weaving

Ch - chain
HHDC - Herringbone half double crochet (if you like, you can use the HDC stitch)
Sl st - sl stitch
Sc - single crochet
MR - magic ring 
Dec - decrease
St - stitch

Wreath cover:
(pattern:  10 rows of pink, 3 rows of turquoise, 2 rows light purple, 1 row of gray, 2 rows of dark purple and 3 rows of aqua; repeat pattern scheme 4x total)

1.  Pink yarn; with 5.5 mm hook, ch 23.  HHDC in 2nd ch and across.  Ch 1.  (22)
2-10.  1 HHDC in each stitch across.  (22) 
11-13.  Turquoise; 1 HHDC across (22)
14-15.  Light purple; 1 HHDC across (22)
16.  Gray; 1 HHDC across (22)
17-18.  Dark purple; 1 HHDC across (22)
19-21.  Aqua; 1 HHDC across (22)
Repeat rows 1-21 (3) more times.  Fasten off, leaving a tail long enough to weave cover around the wreath.  

 The crosses are each made in 3 parts - 1 center and 2 sides.

 Middle Cross:
 5.5 mm hook
Center part --
1.  MR with 6 sc stitches.  Sl st to join.  Ch 1.  (6)
2.  2 sc, 1 sc around.  Sl st to join to first st and ch 1.  (9)
3.  1 sc in each st around.  Sl st to join and ch 1.  (9)
4-17.  Repeat round 3.  (9)
After round 17, lightly stuff.
18.  Dec sc, sc, repeat around.  Sl st to join.  (6)
Fasten off and weave ends.

Sides of Cross (make 2)
1.  MR with 5 sc.  Sl st to join and ch 1.  (5)
2.  1 sc in each st around.  Sl st to join and ch 1.  (5)
3.  Repeat round 2.  Very lightly stuff.  (5) 
4-5.  Repeat round 2.  (5)
Fasten off and leave a tail long enough to attach.  Attach each to the side of the center part to make the t-shaped cross.  

Purple sash:  using dark purple ch 24, sl st across and then attach across the cross.

The 2 Smaller Crosses are made the same way as the Middle Cross, except I used a 4mm hook. 

Lilies of the valley:
I made 9 lilies for my wreath.  You can make as many or as few as you want.  I used the following pattern link, except that I used a 4.5 hook and worsted weight yarn:

For the leaves, I just free hand crocheted some leaves.  But, there's lots of free patterns on the Internet for leaves.  

Letters "Be Still":
5.5mm hook 
I made 2 of each letter and then weaved together, stuffing with polyfil as I went along.  I used the following link: 

Here is the link for the angel pattern I used.  I did use a small piece of yellow pipe cleaner instead of gold wire for the halo, added black seed beads for the eyes and I added an ornamental bead to the hands.  But, this is a great pattern and was easy to follow.  

For the assembly, please see my pics below of where I placed each item.  I used a tapestry needle and yarn to attach the wreath cover, leaves, lilies and the sash to the middle cross.  I used skewers, trimmed to place the crosses (be careful when you push the skewer into the wreath).  For the first word "BE" I used craft glue to attach.  For the "S" and the last "L" I used craft glue to attach.  For the "T", "I" and "L" I carefully attached, using my tapestry needle and yarn, to the letters that were glued.  I hope this makes sense.  I tried several different ways of attaching the letters and this is what I finally ended up doing that worked....  

I hope you enjoy this pattern and if you make this, please share your pics.  I would love to see your work.  

If any of the above is confusing or you notice a typo, please let me know so I can clarify/edit.  Thanks so much and God bless!!! 

January 29, 2017...

Well, I finished my wreath this evening.  I was undecided between "He Lives," "He's Alive," or "Be Still."  My 3 year old granddaughter, Miss Arielle, said, "Mamaw, I like, "Be Still..."  And, of course, Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know I am God..." is my fav verse.  I like the end result.  Check out the pics below:

I bought some of the 65 yard skeins of DIYarn by Lion Brand a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart.  They cost $0.50 per skein.  I'm still working to complete this wreath but this is what I've done thus far.  I will post the pattern when I complete this project.

I think it's coming along quite nice.  What do you think?  Any thoughts, comments?

Aren't these little skeins so cute???

Lilies of the valley....

"Jesus, keep me near the cross...." 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Giving Heart to Help Others....

This is my daughter-in-law's Dad and has a major health crisis, in the hospital, awaiting surgery and has a very long road ahead of him. He has no income coming in right now. If anyone can help donate any amount, I'm eternally grateful and thankful. A major health crisis can happen to anyone when it's least expected and will drain everything we have. Please help, if you can.

Crochet Hearts Block -- C2C Pixel Graph....

My WIP hearts block:

Here's the "Hearts" pixel graph:

For this project, I am using:
-- #4 worsted weight yarn
-- 6mm hook
--altering of C2C method:  chain 5 and HDC stitches, instead of chain 6 and DC stitches

-- use the graph freely
-- don't claim as your own
-- don't use my pics
-- link back to my blog

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Crochet Cosmetic/Make-Up Bag...

A cute little crochet bag I crocheted up with an owl liner today.  I found the cute Sagittarius appliqué pattern free on Pinterest.  

I crocheted this from the zipper down....

Monday, January 23, 2017

Crochet Messy Bun/Ponytail Hat -- FREE PATTERN

"Tam's Messy Bun/Ponytail Hat"

--5.5 mm hook for hat
--3.5 mm hook for flower
--Red Heart Super Saver in royal blue & gray
--tapestry needle

Ch = chain
HHDC = Herringbone half double crochet
DC= double crochet
Sl st = slip stitch
FPDC = front post double crochet
BPDC = back post double crochet

Note:  HDC (Half Double Crochet) stitch can be used in place of the HHDC stitch.

The following link has a great tutorial on post stitches and the HHDC stitch, if you're not familiar with it:

Size:  This hat will fit a normal-sized head, 21-23" head circumference.  To make smaller, go down a hook size or decrease an increase row.  

1.  Chain 24.  Sl st to join ring and ch 1.  30 HHDC into ring.
2.  1 HHDC into each stitch around.  Sl st to join.  Ch 1.  (30)
3.  2 HHDC into 1st stitch, then 1 HHDC into next 2 stitches.  Repeat around.  (40)
4.  1 HHDC into each stitch around.  Sl st to join.  Ch 1.  (40)
5.  2 HHDC into 1st stitch, then 1 HHDC into next 3 stitches.  Repeat around.  (50)
6.  1 HHDC into each stitch around.  Sl st to join.  Ch 1.  (50)
7.  2 HHDC into 1st stitch, then 1 HHDC into next 4 stitches.  Repeat around.  (60)
8-14.  1 HHDC into each stitch around.  Sl st to join.  Ch 1.  (60)
15.  1 DC into each stitch around.  (60).
16-19:  FPDC into 1st post stitch, then BPDC into next stitch.

Flower:  (optional)
1.  Start with gray yarn and make a magic ring and chain 3.  Make 2 triple crochet stitches, ch 1 and sl st into ring.  Then, *3 triple crochet stitches, ch 1 and sl st into ring...* repeat 3 more times.  I then used a 3.5 hook with blue yarn, made a magic ring and ch 1.  Then 6 single crochet stitches into ring. Sl st to join, tighten and fasten off.  Weaved together and attached to hat.

--make, give and/or sale what you make
--don't use my pic as your own
--don't claim my pattern as your own
--don't copy my pattern to any social media sites, but link back to my blog

Friday, January 20, 2017

Cell Phone Bag Holder

Cell Phone Bag Holder 

I crocheted this "Hearts" Holder/Bag for my i-phone; it will hold an i-pod, too.  This holder will especially be useful when you have to charge your electronic device and fearful of knocking it off the nightstand, table or counter or you have a very short charging cord and don't want to leave your device lying in the floor.   There's enough room for excess cord to sit comfortably inside.  Most small electronic devices can be placed inside the holder to be charged.

Materials used:
I used a 5.5mm hook, Red Heart Supersaver #4 yarn, a plastic shower hook and a tapestry needle for weaving to make this super cute novelty item...that makes a great and quick gift!!!

Note:  for the hearts I used a 3mm, 4mm & a 5mm hook to vary the size

This would make a great gift for your Valentine -- there's tons of variations that can be implemented from my base pattern to make this gender-friendly.  There's 1000's of free appliqué patterns on Pinterest to choose from -- hearts, sports balls, animals, team logos, balloons, angels....and the list goes on!!!  Basically anything you are into you could find an appliqué pattern to attach to the front of the holder to personalize it to say "I Love You or Be Mine"...

1.  With plastic shower hook, I joined white yarn and worked 40 single crochet stitches around the hook.  Join to 1st stitch.  Chain 1.
2.  Round 2:  single crochet in the first 6 stitches, in the next stitch do a triple crochet stitch, then a double crochet in the next stitch and a triple crochet stitch in the next one, single crochet stitch into the next 28 stitches.  You will have 3 stitches left -- a triple crochet, a double crochet and a triple crochet in the last stitch.  Slip stitch to join to the first single crochet stitch. 
3.  Round 3:  slip stitch into the first 20 stitches.  Into the 20th stitch, chain 1 and single crochet stitch.  1 single crochet stitch in the next 14 stitches.  Chain 1 and turn.   (15 stitches)
4.  Round 4:  1 single crochet across into each stitch.  (15)
5-8.  Repeat Round 4. 
9.  Round 9:  single crochet 2 together (sc2tog), single crochet in the next 11 stitches and sc2tog the last 2 stitches.  (13)
10.  Round 10: 1 single crochet in each stitch across.  Chain 1. (13)
11-50.  Repeat Round 10.  Before fastening off yarn, fold the piece up and pin in place.  Then whipstitch the side.  Fasten off.  Join yarn on opposite side and whipstitch the side.  Fasten off.  Weave ends.  

--  I made 3 hearts and joined.  (I think it would have been easier to 
join to the holder prior to whipstitching the sides together...) 
--  unlimited options with all the resources available: can be made seasonal to give as gifts, fancy up to make as a really nice gift for a friend or co-worker.  

Very versatile -- place to store i-phone and cord without fear of damaging your phone; as well as a portal to use for charging electronics....plug & charge securely at home in an outlet or on the go in the vehicle...

1.  Make and sale as much as you want.
2.  Don't copy/use my pics without my express permission.
3.  Don't copy my pattern as your own.  Give me the credit.  Link back to my blog.

If you make this, please share your pics.  I would love to see all of the different ideas crafters come up with.....

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Crochet Monster, Inc Hat - Toddler

I worked up this hat to go with my previously made Frog Hat for Liam....

Looking forward to him receiving these hats and staying warm during the cold winter in Ohio.

Crochet Frog/Froggie Hat --- 12 month size...

A cute little frog hat I crocheted up last night for a special little fella -- Liam!!!  I can't wait to see it on him.  And, with him in Ohio, I'm sure it will keep his little ears warm....

I may add the FREE pattern later....

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crochet Herringbone Ponytail/Messy Bun Hat...

Here's what my crochet Herringbone Ponytail/Messy Bun Hat looks like done in black yarn.  Below you will find the link to my Free Pattern....

Link to Free Pattern: