Monday, October 17, 2016

Crochet Elsa Hat...

My granddaughter, Arielle, is a huge...and I mean huge...Elsa fan.  She is Elsa  Last week, I made her an Elsa hat.  So, this week, I had to make me one, too.  She has such a vivid imagination for a 2 1/2 year old and is such a joy to listen to when she is in character.

I made this hat with Red Heart Soft yarn in turquoise.  I used HDC stitch, starting with 10 in magic ring.  I did increase rows until I reached my head circumference and then I completed rounds of 1 HDC to each stitch until I reached the length just above my ears.  I then completed 6 rows of SC in the back loops only.  Fastened off and weaved ends.

I made the snowflake appliqué with SC stitches in the magic ring and then just HDC stitches, chains and picots.  There's tons of free snowflake patterns on the internet so just find one that you like or create your own.

The braid was made using desired length of white yarn into 10 stitches across the last row and then into ten stitches of second and third last rows.  Braid and tie off.  I put my braid on the same side as the snowflake.

I don't like taking selfies but had to try the hat

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