Saturday, December 3, 2016

Crochet Sesame Street Tote Bag...Elmo & Cookie C2C graphs

--6mm hook
--#4 worsted weight yarn
--tapestry needle for weaving

Crochet Sesame Street Tote Bag --  Elmo & Cookie Monster.  I worked this up for my grandson, Luke Samson to use to tote his toys to and from his house.  The pixel graphs are below.  After I completed each graph, I held together green and yellow yarn and single crocheted around each 25X25 graph.

I used green and yellow together to make the base.  I made a chain of 48 and then single crocheted across.  Ch 1, and continued to single crochet across until my desired width was achieved.

I then whipstitched each graph to a side of the base.  On the end of the base, I single crocheted across (my width was 4 so I had 4 single crochets), ch 1, until the side was the length of the front and back.  I then whipstitched the side to the front/back and repeated on the other side.

And, last, I used green yarn to make the handles (I ran out of yellow).  Ch 5, then make 4 single crochet across.  Ch 1 and continue to single crochet across until desired length is achieved.  Make a second handle.  Then attach handles to the top by whipstitching.  See pics on where to place handles.

I know this isn't the normal way to make a Tote Bag.  I was just trying something different and ended up liking the end result.  If the instructions are too confusing, please comment or email me and I will try to better explain it.

And, here's the bottom I worked up to make the tote....

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