Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Seaspray Unicorn Pillow

I made this Seaspray Unicorn Pillow more than a month ago and just love the colors. I initially made it for my granddaughter but have found myself sleeping on it every night. The yarn is so soft and comfortable to snuggle up with.

You can leave the pillow plain or Jazz it up a little like I did into a Unicorn with a horn, ears, eyes, nose and curlicues. I made this pillow in one piece and then whipsitched together. It is 16” x 16”.

I made this pillow using the "Tulip Stitch."  I separated my rows of Tulip Stitches by making 5 rows of HDC stitches.  If you do a search on Pinterest, you will find many charts/diagrams of the Tulip Stitch.  

Seaspray Unicorn Pillow
Happy Crocheting...

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