Thursday, December 6, 2018

Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket

In continuation with my recent craze of working on “Plaid” projects, I made this Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket with Bernat Blanket yarn.  It’s super soft, warm and cozy.  And, the blanket itself works up  quickly.

My blanket measures 31" x 35" but you can easily adjust the size by starting with a larger or smaller number of chains.  

Buffalo Plaid Baby Blanket Pattern
Size:  approximately 31” x 35”

Gauge:  7 DC stitches x 4 rows = 4”

—10mm hook
—1 each of Bernat Blanket yarn (220 yds/skein) in black, crimson and purple plum (this is a #6 super bulky yarn) 
—tapestry needle for weaving

U.S. Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch:  chain
Sl St:  slip stitch
St:  stitch(es)
SC:  single crochet
DC:  double crochet
Rep:  repeat
FO:  fasten off

Special Stitch:
1.  Plaid stitch:  
Row 1:  3DC st in black, then 3 DC st in purple plum.  You will repeat with these 2 colors across.  Now, remember:  1.  Before completing the 3rd DC st, you will want to join the next color.  2.  You will be carrying your yarn across since you are constantly rotating between the 2 colors.
Row 2:  same as #1 except you will be starting with purple plum (goes over previous row’s black) and then rotating this row with crimson (this color will go over previous row’s purple plum)

Special Notes:
1.  I carried over yarn for each row.  However, at the end of each row, I cut the yarn off that wasn't needed for the next row.  This caused me to have more ends to weave but I was trying to save on yarn since I'm using Bernat Blanket yarn on this project.  If you opt not to cut non-used yarn at the end of each row, then you will need more yarn than what the pattern calls for to adjust for carrying over.
2.  I use a Ch1 (doesn't count as a stitch) and place a DC in the first st.  This is my personal preference.  Of course, you can opt to Ch3 at the start of each row to count as your first DC. 
3.  To make this blanket bigger, then work the beginning Chain in multiples of 6 plus 2.  

1.  With black yarn, ch47.  You will start the plaid stitch, as explained above in #1 notes, in the 3rd ch from the hook and across, using black and purple plum. Ch1 and turn.  (45)
2.  Repeat plaid stitch, as explained in #2 notes, using purple plum and crimson yarn.  Ch 1 and turn.  (45)
3-29.  Continue to rep rows 1-2.  

1.  At the end of Row 29,  you will use the purple plum yarn and DC around the blanket, placing 3 DC in each corner.  Working down and up the sides, I placed 2 DC in each side st.  Sl St join to first st and Ch1.  
2.  1 DC in each st around.  3 DC in each corner.  Sl St join to first st and FO.  Weave ends.
3.  Join crimson yarn, 1 SC in each st around.  3 SC in each corner.  Sl St join to first st and FO.  Weave ends.  
4.  Join black yarn, 1 DC in each st around.  3 DC in each corner.  Sl St join to first st and FO.  Weave ends.  

And, that’s it for this super cute, cozy and soft blanket.  You can easily adjust the size by starting with a larger number of chains and continuing to make more rows.

Please share pictures of your finished project.  I'd love to see and share your pictures on my blog.  If you have any questions, please feel free to message and/or email me.

Happy Crocheting...

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  1. If I wanted to make this larger I am guessing I would have to increase the chain by multiples of 3?

    1. Nikki, my apologies on such a delayed response. I was away on Fall Getaway and then came home with an Upper Respiratory Infection. But, yes, multiples of 3. Good luck!!!

  2. This blanket is beautiful! Do you have a YouTube video of the how to?

    1. RLB1723, I do not at present have a how-to video. I have been nursing a rotator cuff injury since July and have had to slow down for the past few months. I'm hoping to get back on track with my blog, videos and pattern design in the new year. Thank you for your kind comment.

    2. Hoping for a speedy recovery for ya! When you do get back on track I'd love to see a how to on this blanket. Bernat blanket yarn is my favorite yarn.