Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crochet Cardigan Top. Women's Large. 3/4 bell sleeve...

I worked up this cute cardigan rather quickly.  I think the sunflower buttons adds a really nice touch.

I used "I Love This Yarn" in Rio color from Hobby Lobby.  I bought the yarn a few months back on clearance sale.  So, making this was real budget friendly.

This is for a size Large in women's.

I used a 5 mm hook for the back panel and the 2 front panels.
I used a 4.5 mm hook for the neckline, bottom of cardigan, button base and buttonhole edging and sleeves.

To start:
I completed 67 FHDC.  (I made sure this length was long enough to fit across my back).  I then just completed continuous HDC rows, adding markers at each end of the row that aligns with bottom of armpit (approx 15").  I completed more rows from the markers, until I got about another 4-5".

Shoulder shaping:  
I then HDC 22 st., leaving remaining sts unworked.   Turn.  Do several rows of 22 HDC sts (approx. 2").  Repeat on other side for shoulder.

Note:  this is what works for my size.  You may need to add more or less rows to get the right fit.

The front is worked in 2 pieces.
1.  FHDC 31.  Turn.  Complete HDC rows until piece measures 15" and add marker.

Neck shaping:  to shape neckline, sl st first 4 st.  HDC remaining 27 st.  Complete an HDC2tog at the neckline shaping 1 time for 5 rows.  Then, continue rounds of HDC rows until the front measures the same as the back.  Repeat process for second front piece.

Once you have both front pieces completed, align and whipstitched each front panel to the back panel.  Whipstitched each side up to the arm marker.

 Neck:  you can do this with several st variations.  I do a sc evenly st across, then a DC row.  On this one, I included 2 rows of FPDC &BPDC.  You could use the same st throughout neckline if you wanted.

Bottom:  at the bottom I start on the end and work my way across repeating the neck trimming pattern.  If you want your cardigan longer then add more rows of FPDC & BPDC rows.

Button Base Trim:  on the left side I complete 6 sc rows' on the right side, I will complete 3 sc rows, then on the 4th row, I *sc 3 times, ch 3, sk 3* to form button holes.  Continue from * to * .  For rows 5 and 6, sc into each st and 2sc into each chain

[If you want to use smaller buttons, then sc 2 times, ch 2, sk 2; and if you want larger buttons then sc 4 times, ch 4, sk 4...for rows 5 and 6, sc eash st and the 2sc into each chain]

Sew buttons on the left side making sure each aligns with the buttonhole.

For sleeves, I chose something simple:
1 x around in sc
1 x around in dc
11 x around FPDC & BPDC
1 x around HDC
1 x around HDC increase round 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2....and so forth around.
3 x around HDC
[the last 5 rows formed the bell shape I wanted]

To finish off the sleeve, I ch1, sc in same st and 2 more times, then ch 5 and sl st into first chain, creating the picot st.  I then proceeded to *sc into the next st and following 2 st. Ch 5 and sl st into first ch.* Complete from * to * all the way around.  Sl st to join.  Weave ends.

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