Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy -- Harry Potter

My doc is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I've also made this cozy for him to go with his Chicago Bears and Yoda

--4 mm crochet hook
--#4 worsted weight yarn:  brown, tan, black, yellow/mustard and dark red/cranberry
--tapestry needle


Base of Cozy

Brown yarn
Ch 34.  Sl st to 1st ch.  Ch 1.
1.  Extended sc into each ch around.  Sl st. Ch 1.
2.  Sc into each st around.  Sl st.  Ch 1.  (On last st, join tan yarn and fasten off brown yarn)

Tan yarn
3. - 11.  Sc into each st.  Sl st.  Ch 1.  (On last st of row 11, join dark red yarn and fasten off tan yarn)

Dark Red/Cranberry yarn
12.  Sc into each st.  Sl st.  Ch 1.  (On last st,  join yellow yarn; do not fasten off dark red yarn)

Yellow/Mustard yarn
13.  Sc into each st.  Sl st.  Ch 1.  (On last st, join dark red yarn and fasten off yellow yarn)

Dark Red/Cranberry yarn
14.  Extended sc into each st.  Sl st.  Fasten off.  Weave ends with tapestry needle.


Black yarn
Ch 20.  Sl st to 1st ch.  Ch 1.  Sc into each ch around.  Turn.  Ch 1.  Sc into next 2 st.  Turn.  Ch 1.  Sc2tog.  Turn.  Ch 1.  2 sc into st.  (You have made first lense and nose piece).  Ch 20.  Sl st to 1st ch.  Ch 1.  Sc into each ch around.  Sl st to 1st st.  (2nd lense made). Fasten off.  Leave a long tail to attach to base.

To make the earpiece, join yarn on opposite side of the nose piece and ch 1.  Sc into same stitch as ch 1. Sc into next st. Turn.  Ch 1.  Sc into each st (2 st).  Make a total of 7 rows of 2 sts.  On next row, ch 1 and sc2tog. Turn. Ch 1.  Sc in st (1 st).  Fasten off.  Weave ends.  Repeat on other side of lense for second earpiece.


Yellow/Mustard yarn
Ch 6.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and the following ch.  Sl st in next ch.  Then sc in the last 2 ch.  Fasten off.  Leave a tail long enough to attach to base.


Center the glasses on the tan portion of the base and attach using a tapestry needle and the long tail.  I used black yarn and whipstitched two eyes.  Attach the scar above the lense on the tan and brown yarn.

That's it.  Enjoy.  I hope you like it.

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