Saturday, February 18, 2017

12 Months of the Year Blanket...

So excited to have this finished!!!  Yay!!!  It measures approximately 58" x 78".

For the joining and border, this is what I did: 

1.  In white yarn, 1 round HDC stitches around each block with 3 HDC in each corner.
2.  I then whipstitched the blocks together.
3.  In white yarn, 1 round of DC around the entire blanket with 3 DC in each corner.
4.  In blue (royal) yarn, I chained 2, then into same stitch, I *(DC, chain 1, DC), then chain 2, skip 3 stitches,* and repeat around.  Into each corner, 3 DC stitches.  Slip stitch to first stitch to join.
5.  In green yarn, ch2.  *Into the previous row of the (DC, ch1, DC), you will (1 HDC, chain 4 and slip stitch to first chain to create picot, then 1 HDC), then into the chain 2 of previous row you will (1 HDC, then 1 DC into the second skipped stitch of the skip 3 stitches, then 1 HDC (this creates a spike stitch)).* Repeat around.  Into each corner, 3 DC stitches.  Slip stitch to join.  Fasten off.  Weave ends.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me.

Blessings.  Happy Crocheting!!!

9 of the blocks were designed by me.  3 (Oct, Dec & Jan) were on Pinterest.  On my Pixel Graph post, however, I do have a pumpkin graph that I designed for my Fall blanket.  

Here are the links:




Well, I'm making progress on my "12 Months of the Year" blanket....working on the border now.  This blanket covers the top of my queen-sized bed!!!  My 6 year-old grandson, Jacob, had to get into the  I think it looks pretty good.

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