Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Crochet Little People Toy Sack...

With my colorful primary colors yarn, I decided to make Arielle a sack/satchel for her little people toys. She has Shopkins, Disney Princesses, animals and the list goes on.....

I used a #5.0 mm hook and #4 worsted weight yarn.

Pattern was fairly simple.
1.  8 sc into magic ring. Sl st to join.  Ch1. (8)
2.  2 sc in each st around.  Join.  Ch1.  (16)
3.  2sc in first st, then 1 sc in next st.  Repeat around.  Join.  Ch1. (24)
4.  2sc in first st, then 1 sc in next 2 st.  Repeat around.  Join.  Ch1. (32)
5.  2sc in first st, then 1 sc in next 3 st.  Repeat around.  Join.  Ch1. (40)
6. 2sc in first st, then 1 sc in next 4 st.  Repeat around.  Join.  Ch1. (48)
7-20.  1 sc in each st around.  Join.  Ch1. (48)
21.  1 sc in each st around.  Join.  Fasten off.  Weave ends.

Optional liner:
I measured the circumference of the sack and measured my fabric.  I placed right sides together and sewed the sides.  For the bottom, I turn up each corner into a small triangle and pinned in place, I then worked one running stitch to sew bottom part of triangle, then on across the bottom and then the bottom of the second triangle.  Trimmed excess yarn.

I turned the top of my liner down approx a 1/2" and then placed it inside the sack and sewed it to the sack with a coordinating color.

Now, I made a chain of 101.  I slipped stitches in 2nd chain from hook and across.  Fasten Off, leave a tail long enough to weave the cord in and out of the top row.

Use tapestry needle to weave chain cord in and out of the last row at the top of the sack.  Make sure once you complete this step, that the chain cords are even on each side.

I made a pompom for each end of the cord by wrapping the yarn 30 times around two of my fingers.  And, then tying a knot in the center and clip the ends.  Fluff out.  Attach each one to the end of the chain cord.

And that's it....a simple sack, satchel, bag....whatever you want to call it....

Happy Crocheting

--dont claim pattern as your own
--credit me as the designer
--link to my blog
--don't use my pics
--make and sale your finished product but credit me as designer

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