Friday, March 23, 2018

Easter Lamb Baby Blanket

I woke up in the wee hours of this morning with this C2C graph design idea.  So, I opened up my Excel app and got this completed.  I'm so excited to make this graph into a blanket.  It is the true representation of what Easter means to me:  The Cross, The Lamb, The Son (sun)...

I'm going to go ahead and share my graph for those who may want to make this before Easter.  I will update this post as I progress/complete my blanket.

I plan to use a 6.0mm hook with the altered C2C method of crocheting -- Chain5, HDC stitches/Chain2.  I'm not sure yet if I will be using Red Heart Super Saver or I Love This Yarn.  I will have to go through my stash and make a choice by what I have on hand...

I hope you all will enjoy this one...

                                  Easter Lamb Baby Blanket 
Size:  Approximately 27" x 32"

--6.0mm hook 
--#4 worsted weight yarn in Light Blue, White, Black, Pink, Brown and Yellow (I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn)
--tapestry needle for weaving

Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch:  chain
Sl st:  slip stitch
SC:  single crochet
HDC:  half double crochet 
FO:  fasten off 

Special Stitch:
1.  Popcorn Stitch (PS):  4 SC in same stitch, pull up loop, remove hook and place in first SC stitch (front to back), then join back in loop and pull through.

(The blanket is made using Corner-2-Corner - C2C - method)
1.  Use the C2C pixel graph below, starting in lower right corner.  I used Ch5 and HDC stitches, instead of Ch6 and DC stitches, to make the blanket.  

1.  SC evenly around Blanket.  3 SC in each corner.  Sl st join to first st and Ch1.  
2.  For this round, I made Popcorn Stitches.   *PS in first st, 1 SC in the next 3 st.* repeat around.  3 SC in each corner.
3.  Repeat #1.  FO and weave ends. 

Happy Crocheting...

--don't use/claim my design as your own
--don't use/claim my pics as your own
--okay to make and sale your finished work
--don't share my pattern electronically or in print format (without prior consent) but provide a link to my blog

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