Thursday, September 6, 2018

My Little Pony - Twilight Costume

Okay, my granddaughter, Arielle, loves watching “My Little Pony” and Twilight is her favorite pony. So, I’ve started on a costume set for her.

The sizes I’m working on will comfortably fit 3T - 4T size; and depending on size of toddler could possibly fit a 2T and 5T.

To date, I have the Top and Skirt completed.  I still need to finish up making the tail on a belt, wings, a mask, and maybe wrist gloves.,.

Here’s a few pictures to share.  As soon as I get this ensemble completed, I will share the pattern with you all...

My Little Pony - Twilight Costume

I made braids to intertwine on the sides to remind you of a pony’s mane...
The cutie mark is on the top.  The sleeves are open, tied with yarn. 

I’m loving this pattern and I hope you all will too...AS soon as I’ve got it completed I will add details...

Happy Crocheting...
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--okay to make and sale your finished work 
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