Monday, November 28, 2016

Volunteer Work -- Salvation Army...

This morning my grandson, Jacob, donned his crocheted Christmas hat and we volunteered for the Salvation Army.  I used this time to talk with Jacob about giving, being kind and helping others.   I shared a story of a dear Christian friend, Brother Wes, who left an impact on my life.  He was always so kind and generous.  He made me want to be a better person.

Before we started aggressively ringing our bells, Jacob offered a prayer over the kettle that people would donate money to help others.

With our noses red, shivering bodies and freezing hands & feet, we kept a smile on our faces, wished everyone who walked by us a good morning, a Merry Christmas and a thank you to those who so generously gave.

What a wonderful feeling to give of our time to help others.  It was a sacrifice well worth making.  Find your local Salvation Army and give the gift of your time....

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