Friday, April 14, 2017

Harlequin Slipper Loafers -- Large....

I decided to make me a new pair of slippers with a yarn that's 70% wool and 30% acrylic.  The yarn reminds me so much of a vintage style.  So, of course, I added vintage buttons to the top of each one to add to the look.

My feet are just a little!!!!  Okay, so I'm fibbing a little.  I have big feet.  I wear 10's and 11's, depending on the brand and style of shoe I'm wanting.  I'm 5'9" so I guess a small foot would look funny on me.  I have a 6'7" hubby, 6'6" son and 6'5" son.  My grandchildren are tall.  So, we are a family of tall folks with big feet and big hands which is normal to!!!!

I kept the pattern pretty simple and straightforward.

"Harlequin Slipper Loafers"

Difficulty level:  Easy

Size:  Women's 9-10 (and by adding a couple extra rows for the soles, then a size 11, as well)

-4.5mm hook
-1 and a half skeins of Yarn Bee Melody Bulky in Harlequin (129 yds/skein)
-tapestry needle for weaving
-2 decorative buttons

Ch: chain
MR: magic ring
Sc: single crochet
HDC:  half double crochet
HHDC: Herringbone half double crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
Dec: decrease
RS: right side
FO: fasten off

Special Stitch:  HHDC - this is not a complicated stitch; yarn over, insert hook into ch or st; yarn over and draw thru the ch or st AND the first loop on the hook; yarn over, draw thru remaining loops on hook.  (Note:  the slippers can be made using HDC stitch in place of HHDC st....)

1.  8 HHDC into MR.  Sl st to join and Ch1.  (8)
2.  2 HHDC in each st around.  Sl st to join and Ch1.  (16)
3.  2 HHDC in first st, 1 HHDC in next.  Repeat around.  Sl st to join and Ch1.  (24)
4.  2 HHDC in first st, 1 HHDC in next 2 st.  Repeat around.  Sl st to join and Ch1.  (32)
5.  1 HHDC in each st around.  Sl st to join and Ch1.  (32)
6-10.  Repeat #5.  (32)
11.  1 HHDC in the first 20 st.  Ch1 and turn.  Leave the remaining 12 st unworked.  (20)
12-24.  Repeat #11.  (20)
25.  Make a dec with the first 2 st, then 1 HHDC into the next 16 st, and dec with the last 2 st.  (18)
26.  Fold the RS together of Row 25.  This will give you 9 st on each side to sl st together.  (9 sl st)
27.  Now, you will want to place a stitch marker, into st 1 and 12 that was left unworked in round 11.
28.  Now, you will be working on the sides.  Join yarn in the first st on the side that's near the top of the shoe.  Ch1.  Sc in same st and evenly around.  Ch1, turn and make a second round of Sc around the sides of the shoe.  FO.  Weave ends.
29.  (Now, you will be working across the top into the 12 st from round 11 that was left unworked.  Join yarn into first st and Ch1.)   1 HDC into same st as Ch1, ch3, skip 3 st, 1 HDC into next st, ch3, skip 3 st, 1 HDC in next st, ch3, skip 2 st and 1 HDC in the last st.  Ch1 and turn.
30-31.  Repeat #29.
32.  This row is a little tricky.  It's to be done like the Butterfly Stitch.  *Step 1.  HDC in first st and then make a Ch1.  Step 2.  Yarn over hook, now insert hook into the second chains of Row 31, 30 and 29.  Step 3.  Yarn over hook draw through loops on the hook and Ch1.*  Repeat these steps across.
33.  Sl st to the first st on the side and sl st around.  Make sure to sl st the last side st to the first top st.

1.  Sew decorative button on top of each slipper
2.  Spray bottom of each slipper with a non-slip spray

--freely use pattern to make and sale your finished work
--don't claim pattern as your own but credit design to me
--don't use my pics as yours
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Happy Crocheting....