Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blue Mist Basket

I worked up this basket with bobble stitches and post stitches, using Vanna's Choice yarn in Denim Mist. It's the perfect size for filling up with candy or to place a Bath & Body candle. I think changing up the color for specific holidays will make this a great go-to project to add a little something extra to a gift!!!

Blue Mist Basket

Size: 5 1/2" wide x 4" tall

--6.0mm hook
--1 skein Vanna's Choice Yarn' I used Denim Mist; it doesn't use the whole skein
--tapestry needle for weaving

U.S. Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch(es)
SC: single crochet
FHDC:  foundation half double crochet
FPHDC:  front post half double crochet
BPHDC:  back post half double crochet
Dec:  decrease
Rep:  repeat
FO: fasten off

SC Bobble Stitch:  single crochet 4 times into same stitch; remove hook from last loop and insert into first stitch, then back into the 4th stitch loop, yarn over and pull through.

Basket Ribbing:
1.  40 FHDC or ch41 and HDC in 2nd ch from hook and across.  Sl st join first and last st together.  Ch1.   (40)
2.  *FPHDC, BPHDC,* around.  Sl st join and Ch1.  (40)
3-5.  Rep #2.

Basket Body:
6.  SC in each st around.  Sl st join.  Ch1.  (40)
7.  *SC first st, SC bobble stitch next st,* rep around.  Sl st join.  Ch1.  (40)
8-18.  Repeat steps #6 and 7.
19.  *1 SC in first 2 st, then dec,* rep around.  Sl st join.  Ch1.  (30)
20.  *1 SC, then dec,* rep around.  Sl st join.  Ch1.  (20)
21.  Dec around.  Sl st join.  Ch1.  (10)
22.  Dec around.  Sl st join.  FO and weave tail end in and out of last 5 stitches to close up.  Weave end.  (5)

Turn ribbing down and you have a cute bobble stitch basket to fill with candy or a candle.  This would be so cute in holiday colors.

Happy Crocheting...
--don't claim my pattern/design as your own
--don't use my pics as your own
--don't share my patterns electronically or in print format but provide a link to my blog
--okay to make and sale your finished work; just credit me as the designer

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