Sunday, November 19, 2017

Loss of a Parent...

This day -- 11/19 -- of the year is always a day I dread so much.  19 years ago today, I had to let go of the first man I ever loved - my daddy.  If you've never lost a parent, then count yourself blessed and thankful to still have them.  You have no idea the pain, the loss, even the abandonment you feel as a child (no matter your age). 

Take the time to enjoy them because work, money, things are not what's most important. Spending actual, physical time with your family is what will comfort your heart in years to come or will eat away at you for knowing you didn't take the time to spend with them.  

I miss my dad every day.  I think about him every day - his humor, his little quips, his unconditional love to me and to his family.  He loved his family.  I have no regrets in my heart.  I gobbled up as much time with him as I could.  If you're still blessed to have your parents or parent with you then I encourage you don't take their life for granted.  Spend actual time with them.  

In the last months of my dad's life, he was so happy with all the love and support he received from family and friends.  He got to spend time with his mom, his brothers, sisters, his best friend, the sis-in-law he loved, lots of nieces and nephews who travelled great distances, his wife and children -- I know, in my heart, Dad was filled with so much love.  He knew he was loved.  And, I really believe it helped him in the days leading up to his death.  He had Jesus waiting on him and he was surrounded by so much love.  

I miss you, always, Dad!!!  

Here's an old pic of me with my dad 3 years before he died!!!  I was 24 in this pic.

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