Friday, June 24, 2016

Crocheted Hooded Capelet
This capelet was really easy and quick.  I completed this in one evening.  I used Super Bulky (#6) in black and soft taupe and a size 8mm hook.  I made this pattern up as I was crocheting.  I used HDC st throughout.  I started with a FHDC and just wrapped it around my shoulders and added two inches.  I only did a chain 1 at the start of each row - I added an HDC into the first stitch of every row.  I just kept adding rows until I was happy with the length.  I then ran out of soft taupe so I went back and added 2 rows of black at the bottom.  At the top, I joined the black yarn and completed two rows across.  I then turned, ch1 and ss into first ten stitches.  I completed HDC's across, leaving the last ten stitches undone.  I completed a total of 19 rows with black (this includes the initial two rows of black) and then used a tapestry needle to join the black ends at the center to form the hood.  This made my hood a little big - but I like it that way.  You can adjust the length and width of the hood to your liking.  To finish this up, I added 2 rows of sc down each side of the front; on the left side I made a buttonhole by chaining 3 and skipping 3 stitches on the first row and then on the second row, I sc 3 stitches into the ch 3.  Added a decorative button that I got on clearance sale from Hancock Fabrics.  This is super soft and was a lot of fun to create. 

This is just what I came up with and...well, it works for me!!!  lol

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