Monday, January 9, 2017

Crochet Harley Quinn Hat....

I crocheted this Harley Quinn hat for my daughter-in-law, Brooke, today....I used a 5.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn.  See below for the pattern...


So, I got my scribbled notes out and boy, I really need to just go ahead and type up the pattern while it's fresh on my  Nonetheless, I managed to work thru my notes and make a "Team Spirit", that was a plus.  

"Harley Quinn" or "Team Spirit" Hat

--5.5 mm hook
--#4 worsted weight yarn (for Harley Quinn - red, black & white); I didn't measure the amount of yarn used, but it was not much from any of the 3 colors
--tapestry needle for weaving 

Ch:  chain
Sl st:  slip stitch
Sc:  single crochet
Dc:  double crochet
RS:  right side
WS:  wrong side
Dec:  decrease

Size:  this will fit an average person's head of 19-22" head circumference' if you need to make it bigger, then, start with a ch 18 or 19, instead of a ch 16.  


Note:  The hat is worked in two separate pieces to start with.  Each piece will measure 32 rows of 15 stitches across.  

1.  With first color, ch 16.  1sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, then a Dc into the next ch.  Sc in the next ch, then Dc in the next...repeat this across.  Ch 1.  Turn. (15)
2.  Dc in the first st, Sc in the 2nd st....repeat across.  Ch 1.  Turn. (15)
3.  Sc in the first st, Dc in the 2nd st...repeat across.  Ch 1.  Turn.  (15)
Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have completed 32 rows.  

Following the above steps, make the 2nd piece with your 2nd color of choice.  Once you complete your second piece it will look like this:

With RS together, whipstitch the long end together. In the pic, you can see I had already started to whipstitch before I remembered to snap a pic... 

Here you can see the long end is whipstitched together...

With RS together, fold piece down.  At this point, you will whipstitch the sides together.  Use a ruler, and from the top measure down approximately 1" and place a stitch marker --you will leave the 1" opening unstitched.  

I started in the right lower corner.  I tied a knot first.  I then whipstitched up the side and stopped at my stitch marker (my  Repeat same steps on the left side.  Then turn your hat inside out so the RS is on the outside.  

This is what your hat will look like at this point.  

Here's a side view showing the 1" area that was left unstitched.  

Note:  Now, with your hook and 3rd color of choice you are going to make the band section of the hat.  Before you were working on rows with each section.  Now, you will be working in rounds.  

1.  Join yarn to any stitch and ch 1.  Sc in same stitch as ch 1 and around.  Join with sl st to first stitch and ch 1.  Use a marker to keep track of your first stitch, if needed.  
2-6.  1 Sc in each st around.  Sl st to join and ch 1.  Fasten off and weave ends.  

Your hat will now look like this...

You can choose to leave your hat now as is and make 2 pompoms to attach one to each side. 

To make pompon:  I used three fingers and wrapped 50 strands of yarn around.  I left a long tail to tie to the middle and then cut the ends open and ruffled my pompom together. 


You can do what I did to lengthen the sides a bit before attaching the pompoms.  

1.  I attached the yarn in any stitch of the 1" opening and ch 1.  
2.  Sc in the same stitch as the ch 1 and evenly around.  (10)
3-8.  Sc in each stitch around.  Sl st to first st and ch 1.  
9.  Dec the first 2 stitches together.  Repeat 4 more times.  Fasten off.  Leave a tail to weave in and out of the last 5 stitches to close opening.  (5)
10.  Attach pompom.  

I hope my directions and pics help you and you give this pattern a try.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or 
email me.

Here is a pic of the Harley Quinn Hat, crocheted by fellow crafter, Barbara M.  She did a great job.  And look at the Joker scarf....I love, love it!!!!!!

--freely make and sale your finished product
--don't use my pics
--don't claim pattern as your own
--please link to my blog

Happy Crocheting!!!


  1. Omgosh where can we buy the pattern.

    1. I made this for my daughter-in-law. She's a big Harley Quinn fan. Let me look thru my notes and see I can find my pattern. If so, I will update this post with the free pattern for you. Thank you for your comment on it.

  2. I am trying to make this hat and am having trouble understanding how to make the part for pompoms. How do you make them decrease? Mine just keep going out strait and are not bending. Hope you can help

    1. In round 9 when I decreased from 10 stitches to 5 stitches by joining 2 stitches together (insert hook into stitch, yarn over, draw back thru stitch, insert hook into the next stitch, yarn over, draw back thru stitch, yarn over and draw thru all 3 loops on hook) in a single crochet five times, I then used the tail of the yarn to whipstitch in and out of the 5 stitches to close the opening up -- that with the weight of the pompom caused mine to bend. I hope this helps. Just a thought - I may have crocheted that portion looser so you may try a couple extra rows before the decrease row. Please let me know if you get it to bend.

  3. Thanks, I will try tomorrow. This is my second pattern trying to make a Harley Quinn hat. Gave up on first pattern. Yours is so much easier. You are right the pom pom probably will make it bend. Again, thanks

    1. You're welcome. And, I'm glad the pattern was easy to understand. If you think about it, please let me know that you got the bend in it.

    2. Almost done. I tried hat and the two sides do bend. Just have to make pom poms. Thank you for your help.

    3. Oh, that's wonderful. I was wondering if you got it made and the bend in it. Thank you for letting me know. Much appreciated.

    4. My niece loved her hat. Wasn't perfect so I told her the Joker made it. She wanted a black an red hat and a purple and green scarf. Thought they were odd colors but her mom said Harley hat and green and purple was the joker. Is there a way to send picture? Thanks for your help with the hat.

    5. It sounds perfect. And, yes, that's the combo of colors for son and daughter-in-law were the Joker and Harley Quinn last Send me the pic in an email and I will post it. (

    6. Tried to send picture. She might have her head chopped off. Tried Gmail and it kept happening so I used Yahoo and I think not went ok.

  4. Replies
    1. No, I haven't. I've checked my email and don't see anything. Please try sending again.

  5. Can't get picture. Do you have Facebook? Maybe that way

  6. Post is listed under my name. Barbara Messier

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your pic. I have posted it to my blog.

  7. if i didnt want to add the tail with poms i just want black on one side red on the other what do you recomend?

    1. If you work the pattern this way, omitting the tail and poms, I think you're still going to get a point on each side after whipstitching the sides. You could do this and then push the point down inside the hat and whipstitch it. Or, you could probably make the hat in the round, starting with a magic ring. For example, if I was going to work in half double crochet stitches, I would start with 4 red Half double stitches and then switch color and make 4 half double in black and just keep switching back and forth in your colors to make it that way. If I think of anything else, I will surely let you know.

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