Saturday, May 6, 2017

Caribbean Bolero

I hope everyone is enjoying this Saturday afternoon.  It's a bit on the chilly side here.  So, I'm taking it easy upstairs, enjoying a little bit of quiet time and working on projects.

Well, I just loved the way my Caribbean Summer Top turned out a few weeks ago that I wanted to make something to go with it.  When I initially started this project, I was thinking of a shawl or wrap.  But, as my work progressed, I decided on a different direction with it.  And, thus, I have a Caribbean Bolero.

Here is the link to the Caribbean Summer Top:

This Bolero worked up rather quickly and was quite inexpensive to make.  That's a two thumbs up to me!!!!

So, check out the FREE pattern below!!!  I hope you all will like it as much as I do.  And, if you make it, please share a pic.

Caribbean Bolero Pattern

Size:  Large

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate

--6mm hook
--Crafter's Secret cotton yarn (95 yds/skein multi-colored; 120 yds/skein solids):  3 skeins of Caribbean and 3 skeins of Dark Teal (I did not use all of the third skein of either color)
--Tapestry needle for weaving

Ch: chain
Sl st:  slip stitch
RS:  right side
Sk: skip
SC: single crochet
HDC: half double crochet
DC: double crochet
FPDC: front post double crochet
BPDC: back post double crochet
FO: fasten off

1.  With Dark Teal, ch 140 plus 1.  (If you're making this smaller or larger, just keep in mind to ch and even number and then add 1 ch to it.)  HDC in the 5th ch from the hook, HDC in the next ch, ch2 and sk 2 ch, *HDC in the next 2 ch, ch2 and sk 2 ch.* Repeat across from * to *.  1 HDC in the last st.  Turn.
2.  Ch4.  *2 HDC into each ch2 sp of previous row, then ch2.*  Repeat across.  I HDC in last st.
3-7.  Repeat row 2 with Dark Teal.  On the last st of Row 7, FO Dark Teal and join Caribbean yarn.
8-24.  Repeat row 2 with Caribbean yarn.  On the last st of Row 7, FO Caribbean yarn and join Dark Teal.
25-31. Repeat row 2 with Dark Teal.  Weave ends.

To form sleeves:
1.  With RS together, fold lengthwise so that you can sl st approximately 4" of Row 1 to Row 31 together on each end to make your sleeves.   Weave ends.

Now, we will be working from one corner of the sleeve to the other corner forming the neckline.
1.  Join Dark Teal in the corner of the sleeve and work 1 sc into each HDC of previous row and 2sc into the ch2 space of previous row.  Turn.
2.  Ch3 (this counts as the first DC).  DC in each st across.  Turn.
3.  Ch3 (this counts as the first FPDC), then *BPDC around next post, then FPDC around next post.* Repeat across.
4-5.  Repeat #3.  At the end of Row 5, FO and weave ends.

I truly hope I explain this next part clearly.  (If not, please feel free to comment or email me.)  You will notice on each side the ends of the neckline rows sorta detached (near the sleeves).  You will want to join the ends of the neckline rows (which is 5 rows) to Row 1 with RS facing and sl st to join.  This will then just make your sleeve/neckline clean and uniform.

Sleeve Trim:
1.  Join Caribbean yarn in any st of the sleeve and Ch1.  Sc in same sp as ch1.  1 sc in each st and 2sc in each ch2 space around.
2.  Repeat #1.  FO.  Weave ends.

--don't claim pattern as your own
--don't use my pics
--credit me as the designer and link to my blog
--feel free to make and sale your finished product

Happy Crocheting!!!

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