Monday, May 29, 2017

Starburst Poncho...FREE PATTERN

I finished my Poncho today.  I initially started working on it on my trip to Oklahoma.  I'm happy with the end result.  I love the blend of colors,.  This is a size large.  So check out my pics...

Starburst Poncho

Starburst Poncho Pattern

This Poncho came about while en route to Oklahoma.  I was playing around with the Mandala yarn.  So, I made this in one piece.  I used the C2C (corner-2-corner) method of making a blanket...with just a few tweaks.  Anyway, I ended completing this (front and back) as one piece.  

This pattern hasn't been tested and was just an idea I had to help pass along my 18 hour ride (one way) to see my aunt and uncle.  And, I didn't write the pattern as I worked it.  But, I'm going to tell you exactly how I did it.  I plan to make another one before fall and will tweak this, if needed then.  

Size:  This will fit a Small to Large.  I'm currently a large (but trying to lose!!!  Of course, as you make this, you may need more or less increase rows to get the fit and length that you desire but the principle of the pattern you will see is the same.  

Now, here is a pic of me that I had my grandson snap just now with the Poncho on while I'm typing up this pattern for you all.  So, please ignore my state of

--6mm hook
--2 Lionbrand Mandala yarns (each cake is 590 yards) 
--#4 worsted weight yarn in a solid color (color is optional)
--tapestry needle for weaving

Ch:  chain
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch(es)
Sc: single crochet
HDC: Half Double crochet
FO:  fasten off 

C2C (Corner-2-Corner):  I used HDC stitches and chain 5.  If you are not familiar with the C2C process, then you will need to get acquainted with it to make this.  There are some great tutorials on the internet - written instructions, audio and diagrams.  My personal favorite, from which where I learned it from, was with Mikey at The Crochet Crowd.  I had watched and read several procedures from others, but he made it so simple for me to grasp and understand.  So, check out his site.  He has lots of great tutorials and patterns.  

Picot Stitch (chain 3, Sl st into first ch):  I used this as the border for the arms.  

Increase rows:
1-41.  First, I made 41 increase rows using C2C with chain5 and HDC stitches - just as if I was making a blanket.  
Neck region and opening: 
42-43:  In these rows, I only did HDC st in each st across.  Now, each cluster made in the previous rows are 3 HDC stitches and I made 41 rows.  So, 3 x 41 = 123.  Therefore, Rows 42-43, will have 123 HDC stitches per row.  At the end of each row, make a Ch1 for turning.  
44.  This row is where I made my neck opening.  Feel free to adjust this according to what you want. But, I worked 1 HDC stitch in the first 45 stitches, then make a ch33 and skip 33 stitches, and then 1 HDC stitch in each of the last 45 stitches.  
45.  1 HDC stitch in each stitch across with 33 HDC stitches into the chain space made in previous row.
46.  1 HDC stitch in each st across.  
Decrease rows:
47. Now,  for the decrease rows.  To go back to doing C2C process, Sl st into the first 5 HDC st.  Into the next st, *ch2 and 3 HDC stitches, then skip 2 stitches,* repeat this across.  You will make 40 clusters of HDC stitches.  This is your first decrease row to put you back on track.  
48-87.  Continue to decrease one cluster each row.  At the end of Row 87, FO and weave ends.  

1.  I joined a solid-colored yarn for this.  Sc evenly around the neck opening.  
2-8.  Sc around.  FO.  Weave ends.  
Again, if you want a bigger collar for yours, then add more rows.  

To make arms, I had right side of front and back facing each other and whipstitched across each end of Row 30.  Now, if you want to adjust where you want your arms, then that's fine, too.  

Border for arms:
1.  With right sides turned back out, I joined solid yarn into any stitch and Ch1.  Sc in same st as Ch1 and evenly around.  
2.  For this round, I started with a picot, then sc into each of the next 3 stitches, then picot in next stitch.  Repeat this around.  Mine worked out perfect on this, but if you have to adjust somewhat to make it work, then that's fine, too.  

Repeat on other side.  

Border for remainder of Poncho:
I made 2 rounds of sc stitches around entire lower portion of garment.  Join yarn under arm and just work completely around 2 times.  FO and weave ends.  

Fringe (optional):
I made a fringe for each sc st.  I've seen some garments with the fringe spaced out, but, I just cut 5-6" long strips of yarn (I eyeballed measured) and used my hook to pull yarn through each stitch and then tied a knot.  

And, that's it!!!!  I would love to hear your thoughts on this pattern or see your pics if you decide to give it a try....

Happy Crocheting!!!!

--don't claim pattern as your own
--make and sale whatever you want from my patterns
--don't use my pics
--link back to my blog as credit for pattern design 


  1. Hi Rilla, I love this pattern!!! Please just help me with the arms quickly? I'm trying to understand if you sewed up a few blocks or just one? I can't make out from the pictures either 🙈 sorry for the stupid question

    1. Hi. I'm sorry I'm just now replying to your question. I didn't realize I had a message until just now. So, my deepest apologies on a delayed response. First, there is never a stupid question. Patterns can, sometimes, be a bit confusing for anyone (and everyone). And, second, in reference to the arms, I turned right sides together and made a whipstitch on Row 30's block (the 3 HDC Stitches) on each side. So, it was just one block I sewed up, but, at the moment, my arms are a little flabby. I hope this helps and again, my apologies on a delayed response.