Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Super-sized Hoodie Cowl

Sometimes, the regular isn't enough, so what do you do -- there's only one course of action: you Super-size it!!! Lol.  And, thus, here's my:
 Super-sized Hoodie Cowl.  

I am far from being a decent picture taker but I wanted to get some pics posted and no one around to model it for me....So, it's me stuck posing...

I think it's going to be super pretty to wear this fall with a pretty top, especially if I go back to NYC in November...

Super-Sized Hoodie Cowl Pattern:

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate

 --5.5mm, 6.0mm and 10mm hook
--#4 worsted weight yarn (2 skeins of Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Sapphire; 170 yds/skein)
--#5 Redheart Buttercup for border trim
-6 buttons (3-1 3/4" buttons and 3 slightly smaller to nestle on top) - howev er you can just use 3 buttons if you so choose
--stitch markers (I sometimes use hair pins or safety pins)
--tapestry needle for weaving

Ch:  chain
Sl st:  slip stitch
St:  stitch(es)
Sk:  skip
SC:  single crochet
DC: double crochet
HDC:  half double crochet
FPDC:  front post double crochet
BPDC: back post double crochet
Inc:  increase
Dec:  decrease
BLO:  back loops only
FO:  fasten off

1.  With 5.5 mm hook, Ch 56.  HDC in 2nd ch and across.  Ch1 and turn. 
2.  *SC, HDC, DC in 1st st, sk 2 st,* Repeat across.  SC in last st.  Ch1.
3-30.  Repeat #2.  At the end of row 30, place a stitch marker in the loop so you remove hook.

To shape hood:  cut a long tail from the end of your skein of yarn; using your hook join yarn to the first st of Row 1 with a sl st.  Fold Row 1 in half and sl st together to make the hood.  

Now, rejoin yarn back into your loop at the end of Row 30 and remove stitch marker.
31. DC across.  Ch1 and turn.
32.  SC in BLO across.  Ch1 and turn.
33.  SC in both loops of the first and last st, but in BLO of all remaining st.
34.  SC in BLO across.  Ch1 and turn.
35-40.  Repeat #34.

Now, switch to 6mm hook to do FPDC and BPDC stitches around hoodie portion. So, you will want to measure 6" up from Row 40 on each side and place a stitch marker.  
1.  You will complete 3 rows of FPDC and BPDC between the stitch markers.  

Now, we will start working on the Cowl portion.  This is worked in holding 2 strands of yarn together.
(Switch to 10 mm hook)
At Row 40, place stitch marker in the 11th st in on each side.  Increase rows will be in the stitches between the stitch markers.
41.  (Increase row) 1 HDC in the first 11 st.  Now, and up to the last st, prior to the 2nd stitch marker you will be working 2 HDC in st, 1 HDC in next st.  Into the 2nd st marker and remaining st will be 1 HDC in each.  Ch1 and turn.
42.  HDC in each st across.  Ch1 and turn
43.   (Increase row) Place st markers in the 11th st in on each side.  Repeat #41.
44.  Repeat #42.
45.  (Increase row) Place st markers in the 11th st in on each side.  Repeat #41.
46-48.  Repeat 42.
49-50.  SC in first st, then SC Dec in next 2 st.  Repeated around.  On these 2 rows, I made the decreases to fit to the size I wanted.  You may want more or fewer decrease stitches on these 2 rows so I would recommend trying it on and adjust accordingly.  At end of 50, FO and weave ends.
51-53.  I joined buttercup yarn and completed 3 rounds of SC stitches.  FO and weaved ends.

I then joined the buttercup yarn at the hoodie portion and made 3 rounds of SC stitches.

On each side of the hoodie, place a stitch marker in the next stitch, from stitch marker, down 6" to the side of Row 40 is where your buttonband will be made.  
First side:
1.  Join yarn at stitch marker and ch1.  Into same st, 1 SC and down to the side of Row 14.  I had 18 SC stitches.  Ch1 and turn.
2-10.  SC across.  Ch1 and turn.

Second side:
1.  Join yarn at stitch marker and ch1.  Into same st, 1 SC and down to the side of Row 14.  I had 18 SC stitches.  Ch1 and turn   
2-8.  SC across.  Ch1 and turn.
9.  SC in first 2 st, Sk 4 st, Ch4, SC in next st, Sk 4 st, Ch4, SC in next st, Sk 4 st, Ch4, SC in the last 2 st.  
10.  SC in each st, placing 4 SC in the Ch4 spaces across.  FO and weave ends.  

Attach buttons.  

(This pattern is being added to this post on June 12, 2017; I made this Cowl several months ago and I'm going by my notes.  If you have any difficulty or get confused, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm going to make another one in the near future to make sure I didn't miss any steps in my pattern.)

-don't claim pattern as own
--make and sale your finished work
--don't use my pics
--don't post or print/distribute my pattern electronically; credit me as the designer by providing a link to my blog


Happy Crocheting... 


  1. would like the pattern for this Super-sized Hoodie Cowl. enjoying the pattern have gotten already.

    1. I will get this typed up and hopefully posted sometime today. Honestly, it slipped my mind and I just forgot to add the pattern.