Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good Samaritan -- Still Lives On...

I wanted to share the following letter I submitted to the "Lawton Constitution" - the local paper in Lawton, OK.  What a week I've had thus far!!!!  I've worked on several projects and will share once I arrive back in North Carolina.  So, check this out:

"I want to give an amazing, kind and a beyond and above shout out to a resident of your great city of Lawton, Oklahoma.  I arrived in town earlier in the week with 6 other family members from North Carolina just so we could see our family member, Skyler Miller, graduate from Eisenhower High School.  Well, I feel really compelled to share my Good Samaritan, my God-sent angel story.  I was shopping in Hobby Lobby with my aunt, 2 cousins and grandson.  Somehow, my black and white cosmetic bag fell out of my purse unbeknownst to anyone in my group.  I get up to the checkout line and I whisper to my aunt that I don't have my cash or my Mother's Day gift from my son (a Hobby Lobby gift card).  My aunt paid for the purchases and we come home to look for my bag with no luck.  Thankfully, a different cousin, called Hobby Lobby and asked if a black and white bag was turned in.  The security guard, said, "yes, m'am, and you can pick it up after 9 am the following morning since the store was closed."  I admit, I was worried that it was lost.  But, we prayed for God's will to be done.

The following morning, I can say with a sigh of relief my bag was returned -- with the $550.00 cash, and a $50.00 Hobby Lobby gift card.  I had no ID whatsoever inside my cute Penelope Ann bag.  How easy  it would've been for someone to have picked up and claimed as their own?!

I'm awed and amazed that in this day and time, there is a true, honest hero living and walking the shops of Lawton and that person deserves praise, gratitude and acknowledgement.  But, sadly, I have no idea who the person was but I'm forever and eternally grateful for your honesty.  My husband pastor's a small country church in North Carolina and we want to give all praise and a shout out to this truly special person.  May God bless, touch, keep and use you as a stepping stone to bring others to salvation.  You blessed me immeasurably by your shear honesty.

My visit proves to me that Lawton is a wonderful city, full of honest, ethical and moral people.  Kudos to my God-sent angel.  You are forever a blessing in my life."

Rilla Edwards

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