Friday, July 21, 2017

Fox Bracelet - Zipper Pouch

This idea struck me around 3:00am this morning.  So, I jotted a note down -- I keep a notepad beside my  And, later today, after multiple - and I seriously mean - multiple trial and error attempts I finally nailed down the pattern that I'm happy with.

This Fox Bracelet is:
1.  Super cute;
 2. Functional: with the zipper pouch put your money in it and you're good to go out and about with no worries of being pick pocketed;
3.  Multi-Task:  if you don't want to wear it as a bracelet, well, then, you can strap it to your bra strap to safeguard your money/credit cards when shopping in the city, at festivals/fairs...any event with large crowds.
4.  The pattern is designed so no headaches and pulling stitches apart on your end...

I was initially thinking of this as more of a cute project to go along with my Fox Drawstring Bag and Fox Pencil Case for a "Back to School" theme for kids but when I tried the bracelet on my own wrist to snap a few pics, well, I decided, this isn't just for kids but for adults, too.

I will post the pattern soon....

Fox Bracelet- Zipper Pouch

Attach to your bra strap

Wear on your wrist
Happy Crocheting.... 

--don't claim my pattern design as your own
--don't use my pics as your own
--don't share my patterns electronically or in print format (without my prior consent) but provide a link to my blog 

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