Saturday, July 1, 2017

Yarn Giveaway Winner...

I hosted my first yarn Giveaway in June on Instagram and was thrilled with the response.  I had reached 1k followers and wanted to show my appreciation.  Since then I've added over 300 more followers.  So, I'm progressing at a decent rate.

My photo showed 7 skeins of yarn - cotton and acyrlic with a note that a bonus would be included.  Well, the bonus was 7 additional skeins of yarn from my inventory.  I think the winner, nelias_stitches (Felecia German), will be super excited when she receives her package of yarn.

And, then, just to add an extra surprise, I crammed 3 more skeins of Vanna's Choice into the package.  So, it's a completely FULL box of yarn to keep the lucky winner busy in July.  I can't wait for the winner to receive and I sure hope it puts a smile on her face.  It sure made me smile packaging it up and giving it to a fellow crocheter to put to good use.

Happy Crocheting....

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