Friday, July 21, 2017

Triple Loop Scarf

Here's a beautiful, textured scarf I worked up a few weeks ago using the leftover yarn from Yarn Bee's Sugarwheel in Whipped Mocha.  Today, I finally put a border to it to complete it.

It measures approximately 5" in width and 51" in length.  I manipulated the leftover yarn somewhat by using the light shades for the base of the scarf and then the darker shade for my border.

As you can see in my pic collage, you can wear this several different ways.  However, this will largely depend on your body frame.  You can always adjust the size by making it longer (or shorter) if needed, to use as a waist sash.  I was just trying to give you several alternative options in how you don a scarf to compliment your fashion style.

Triple Loop Scarf
Triple Loop Scarf
Difficulty Level:  Easy

Size:  5" wide x 51" long

--Yarn Bee's Sugarwheel in Whipped Mocha
--5.5mm hook
--tapestry needle for weaving

Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch: chain
Sl st:  slip stitch
St: stitch(es)
SC: single crochet
DC: double crochet
Rep:  repeat
FO:  fasten off
TCLS:  triple crochet loops stitch

Special Stitch:
1.  Picot Stitch:  Chain 3 and slip stitch into first chain
2.  Triple Crochet Loops Stitch:   A.  Row of DC; B.  SC, TCLS...rep.  Keep rep A & B.
(to do the TCLP;  y/o 2 times and insert hook into stitch, y/o and pull loop thru - 4 loops on hook.  y/o draw a loop thru 1st loop only; y/o draw a loop thru 2, y/o draw a loop thru 2 and y/o draw loop thru last 2)

I manipulated the Sugarwheel yarn I had left over.  I wanted to use the light shade for the scarf itself and the darker color for the border.  

1.  Ch148.  DC in 4th ch from hook and across.  Ch1 and turn.
2.  SC in first st, TCLS in next st...repeat across.  Ch1 and turn.
3.  DC across.  Ch1 and turn.
4.  Rep #2.
5.  Rep #3.
6.  Rep #2.
7.  Rep #3.  At the end of the row, weave ends and FO.

1.  With darker yarn,  sl st to join and Ch1 in the 1st st in the right corner of Row 7.  *SC in st (same st as Ch1), sl st in next st, sc next st, (DC, picot, DC) in next st.*  Repeat across to the end of the row.  Rotate to work down the short end.
2.  On the short end, SC evenly in each end stitch until you reach the bottom.
3.  Repeat * to * in #1 across the bottom.
4.  Repeat #2 on the other short end.  Sl st to join to first st and FO.  Weave ends.
Happy Crocheting.... 

--don't claim my pattern design as your own
--don't use my pics as your own
--don't share my patterns electronically or in print format (without my prior consent) but provide a link to my blog 

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