Monday, July 31, 2017

Naughty or Nice C2C

Naughty or Nice?   is always a question Santa will ask kids, and even  To wrap up the month of July, I wanted something representative of Christmas in July.

If you don't do or have the "Elf on the shelf" well you could use this as a rug/mat displaying child's behavior throughout the month of December - keep a chart on how many days Naughty and how many days Nice....just a thought.  

This cute project was made using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn -- now if you're going to be ordering yarn online, I sure would appreciate if you would click on my Red Heart Shop link banner across the bottom or the Amazon link in the right column of my blog and help me out so I can continue to keep my patterns free.

Here’s a few ideas in how to use these:
1.  Photo prop with my grandchildren;
2.  As a discipline tracker to pin names to appropriate side of Naughty or Nice;
3.  Place on the back of the couch;
4.  Use as a rug/doormat;
5.  Display throughout your house for holiday decor - bathroom mat, on the side or at the foot of your bed, in your dining room on a breakfast hutch, etc.
6.  As a pillow top - just make a 2nd one in same dimensions in a solid color, whipstitch 3 sides and leave one side open for pillow cute would these look on your bed?

I joined my 2 graphs together with wrong sides facing to make it into one:  one side Naughty; other side Nice. And, then added border.  You can keep them separate; make each graph bigger...I'd love to see what ideas you get from this!!!

 Naughty or Nice C2C Graph Project

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate 

Size:  18" wide x 28 1/2" long

--5.75mm hook
--Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in your colors of choice.  Red and green were my primary colors.  I didn't use a whole skein of any yarn. 
--tapestry needle for weaving 
Special Technique: C2C (corner2corner) method using ch5 and HDC instead of the traditional Ch6 and DC 

Stitch Abbreviations:
Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
St: stitch(es)
SC: single crochet 
HDC: half double crochet
FO: fasten off 

1. You will start with one graph in the bottom right corner and work the C2C method.  If you are not familiar with this technique, then you need to internet search and get an understanding of how to read the graphs to make the stitches.  Once you complete the first graph, weave all tails.  

2.  Complete 2nd graph as above. 

3.  Now, you will lay wrong sides together and pin in place.  With white yarn, I started in the upper right corner.  Sl st join and Ch1.  SC in same st and around the whole perimeter while making sure I was working the needle through both finished pieces.  Into each corner, I put 3 SC st.  *Sl st join to first st and ch3.  
4.  Now, remove hook from the white ch3 and join red yarn with a sl st into the next st.  Ch3.  Remove hook from the red ch3 and put it back on the white ch3.  At this point, cross the white ch3 in front of the red ch3 and Sl st into the next st.  Ch3. Now -lack your hook back thru the red 3rd ch, cross it in front of the white and Sl st into next st.  Ch3.* You will repeat from * to * around.  This is a time consuming process and the yarn can get twisted but it's so worth it in the end..... 


Happy Crocheting!!!

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--don't use my pics as your own
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