Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weighted Blanket...

January 2018:
Here's a few updated pictures of this gorgeous blanket that can be used as the top cover to make a weighted blanket for kids and/or adults who suffer from Autism.  I used a myriad of colors, excluding red and black, and different crochet stitches/techniques for each color.  I love the color and texture that was created.  

I hope to set aside time this month to get the pattern instructions added to this blog.....

Crochet Weighted Blanket

I wanted to share a few pics of my current WIP (work in progress).  It's a "Weighted Blanket" for a therapist who treats children with Autism.

I'm so excited to work on this project.  Just the thought of potentially helping a child to relax and respond is humbling.  There's not a lot on Crochet Weighted Blankets out there so I'm hoping to do a tutorial on this.  One thing I will share with you is to avoid the colors red and black because it can be a trigger for some kids.  As I progress on this project, I will update this post with pics and the tutorial.

So far, each color change results in a different stitch.  I think the colors are coordinating quite well.

And, last, I will likely be blending my love of quilting into this project.  But, for the tutorial, I plan to hopefully offer a couple alternatives in completing this project.

So, PIN now, and continue to follow-up on this post for further details....

Happy Crocheting....

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