Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dolphin Blanket

Well, here's the second version of my Dolphin Blanket/Pillow.  I made this one in Teal and Gray with Bernat Blanket Yarn.  I love this yarn.  It is so soft, warm and cozy.  It just calls after me for a nap....lol.  And, I'm sure it will be a hit with kids, and, maybe even, grown-ups!!!

I made a few changes from my original design for the Teal and Gray Blanket.  Please reference back to the following link for the original pattern:


Difficulty Level:  Intermediate - it requires knowledge of C2C Crocheting.  However, you could make the blanket portion by doing rows of HDC stitches.

Measures: 46" wide x 56" long from top of hood to bottom of blanket

--10mm hook
--4 skeins of Teal Bernat Blanket Yarn
--2 skeins of Gray Bernat Blanket Yarn
--small amount of black and white yarn for the eyes, eyebrows and trim around nose; I used Blanket Yarn for mine, but you could use double-stranded worsted weight yarn
--tapestry needle for weaving
--very small amount of polyfil for the top fin.

For this C2C (corner-2-corner) Blanket, I made a couple changes from the original pattern to make it for an older pre-teen/teen kid....I still used HDC stitches plus Ch5.

1.  I used a 10 mm hook, instead of the 9.0 mm hook...

2.  For the rows:
1-32.  Increase rows in Teal.
33-36.  Increase rows in Gray.
35-33.  Decrease rows in Gray.
32-1.  Decrease rows in Teal.

For the border:
1.  With Gray Yarn, 3 rows of HDC stitches.

For the hood:
1.  I joined Gray Yarn on the short end in the 16th stitch (skip first 15 stitches).  Work HDC stitches across, leaving the last 15 stitches unworked.  Ch1 and turn.
2.  HDC across.  Ch1 and turn.
(Work 2 rows in Gray, then switch to Teal Yarn.).
3-13 In Teal, HDC across.  Ch1 and turn.
14-15. In Gray, HDC across.  Ch1 and turn.
Fold Row 15 in half and whipstitch together to make hood.

For the nose:
1.  I whipstitched the 2 parts together and then added the black outline before attaching to the blanket.

Please reference original pattern, for complete details, stitch abbreviations and assembly.  

The Teal and Gray Blanket/Pillow measures 56" from top of head to bottom of Blanket.  It measures 46" wide.  To make this blanket bigger, then you simply just make more increase rows before starting your decrease rows.

Happy Crocheting.....

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--don't use my pics
--okay to make, sale, and/or give away your finished projects
--credit me as the designer by providing a link to my blog; please do not distribute my pattern in electronic or written form 

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