Friday, June 9, 2017

7 Days of Creation!!!!

Well, here's all 7 "pages" of my Days of Creation.  Now, I just need to finish the cover and then I will bind into a book.  I think it turned out super cute.

I will share the pattern and all details once I'm completed -- hopefully, this weekend!!!

Inspiration & ideas spring to life at the oddest times.  This past Sunday while hubby was preaching at church, Days of Creation, play book idea for toddlers popped into my head.  I kept trying to focus on the Word, but the idea was just stuck there.  So, I came home and started an outline of what I wanted to make...I have 2 toddler grandsons so I'm sure they will enjoy this gem.

Here's a look at my progress thus far!!!

When I get this completed, I will share the FREE pattern with you all.  What better way to teach a child about the 7 Days of Creation than with a picture book?  

3 pages to go and then the book cover and I will put this together in a super cute, fun and colorful way that's sure to please toddlers and kids alike.  

So, I hope y'all will check back for the completed book in the days ahead....

Happy Crocheting!!!

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