Monday, June 5, 2017

Old Lampshade With A New Look...

Recycling is always good.  And, I'm not one to throw something out if I think there's still potential in it.  So, this lampshade really took a beating in my sunroom from the grand babies.

I'm providing the basic directions in what I did,  I didn't keep an exact stitch count after my 2 rows of HHDC stitches.  But, you will get the general idea of how this look was achieved.

Basic Directions:
1.  I decided to use cotton yarn (I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby) and a 5.5mm hook.
2.  My shade is 27" round and 8" in length,  So, I started with a chain 100 and slip stitched into the first chain to form a ring.
3.  I made 2 rows of HHDC stitches around.  If you want, you can just you HDC (half double crochet) stitches. (Slip stitch to join and Ch1 at the start of each round)
4.  For the remainder, I worked mesh stitches around and continued with rounds until I had my desired length.  Into the first st, *ch4, then skip 3 st and slip stitch into the next* repeat around.  Sl st to first st.
5.  Once finished, I added a variety of black decorative beads around the bottom, evenly spread out.  I did place craft glue around the top portion of shade - where the HHDC rows were...Then, I glued some star beads around the top.

And, that's it!!!!  Old becomes new...

Mesh Lampshade Cover

Happy Crocheting...

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